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Did you know that Plus Size Clothing is one of the fastest growing shopping segments in the retail industry?

While this is interesting news, as we went shopping we saw that there still weren’t a whole lot of high quality plus size clothing resources on the Internet. Or if we found one, they had a small plus size selection, or they charged an arm and a leg!!!

The average clothing size for women in the United States is Size 14. This is where the fashion industry’s “plus sizes” begin. And that's where comes in.

After scouring the web for plus-size clothing stores, we visited, researched, and shopped at dozens of plus size websites. After hours of painstaking research (and after a lot of online purchases), we think we’ve compiled a fantastic list of plus size clothing stores for you to shop at!

Our criteria is simple – we’re looking for Plus Size Clothing Sites that offer:

Wide selection of plus size clothing and styles
High quality fashions
Great value (we all like a good deal now and then, don't we?)

However, just because one store carries a lot of plus size dresses, doesn’t mean that they carry lots of plus size swimwear. That’s why we divided the site up into sections, so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. We’ve selected stores based on their strengths in our categories.

And remember, this is not just a list of plus size shopping sites. We’ll also be offering great articles and tips for the plus size shopper. So stay tuned, and come back often…..we’ll be adding a ton of fantastic content, and constantly reviewing new and exciting new plus size shopping destinations, just for you!





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